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2 x Firearm & Assets Control Officer (Durban Logistics)

Key Performance Areas (KPAs)

Issue correct firearms, ammunition and assets (i.e, but not limited to, Radios, Access/Site keys and tags, Track & Trace mobile devices, etc.)

• Validate if the person receiving the equipment in the Gunvault is an SBV employee
• Verify that staff complete the firearm register correctly during handover process
• Authenticate all firearms, ammunition and equipment that are issued, matches to the relevant permit/s
• Update the centre firearms register accordingly, where applicable
• Reconcile firearms, ammunition and equipment that were issued to the employees to that which has been received back from employees

Minimize Risk

• Comply with and adhere to company and legislative rules & regulations relating to firearms and safety within the Gun vault area
• Manage firearm vault keys during shifts and sign key in at the end of the shift
• Adhere to agreed SOPs before issuing out any firearms
• Verify that the employee/s being issued with a firearm/s are in possession of a valid competency certificate for the specific category of firearm/s and are registered with PSIRA on a daily basis
• Control all access to the gun vault
• Confirm that all assets are handed in before releasing employees from their duty on the relevant system.
• Maintain accurate and complete registers, permits and paperwork
• Adhere to the Firearms Control Act 60 (No 60 of 2000), the Firearms Regulations 2004 and Regulation 21.
• Tag, store and report on broken/faulty firearms received as per firearms policy.
• Inspect firearms and ammunition on a weekly basis in order to ensure that firearms are clean, in a working condition and serial numbers are visible and correct.
• Provide a detailed record of all firearm related incidents in the Occurrence Book (OB).
• Control stock in order to validate that all company firearms, ammunition and equipment is accounted for.

Balance Vault daily

• Balance & reconcile all assets received to what was issued before booking in the Vault Keys.
• Conduct thorough hand-over from one Vault Officer to another.
• Complete and submit dually signed asset balancing documents to management.

Manage administrative functions within one’s area

• Conduct monthly stock inventory and reconcile with previous month.
• File all records for audit purposes.
• Obtain quotations and place orders for new stock in accordance with company policy.
• Collate sizes and forward to the CIT Legislative Manager, receiving and dispatching all uniforms to employees as and when required.
• Assist with control room officer duties when required.

Management of applicable System

• Administer and manage the applicable system
• Log system faults with SBV Service Desk and notify Legislative office of fault/s
• Obtain relevant authorisation and reference numbers if manual processes are to be followed.
• Load new employees and assets accurately on to the system
• Identify imminent (120 days) expiry of staff firearm competency certificates and issue reminder letters within an appropriate time frame
• Liaise with local South African Police Service Station Designated Firearms Officer in terms of employee firearm competencies (obtaining printouts and verifications)

Live the organisation culture within one’s centre

• Live the department’s values while inspiring confidence and generating excitement, enthusiasm and commitment towards the mission

Provide leadership to employees within the organisation, creating a winning culture and high morale

Lead as an Ambassador and executor of Change

• Act as a change champion in periods of change to ensure continuity to operations


Minimum Requirements: Work Experience

• 3 years CIT experience with knowledge on firearm and competency processes

Minimum Requirements: Education

• Grade 12

Special Training or Requirements

• Factt training
• Grade C PSIRA Registration
• Firearms Competency Certificate in Handgun and Rifle categories
• Intermediate MS Word, Excel and Outlook Behavioural Competencies Required
• Verbal-, Non-verbal and Written Communication Skills: Ability to effectively interact with individual/ group, using appropriate verbal-, non-verbal- or written communication on the required level, and sending out/ receiving a clear message in the intended way
• Logical Thinking and Judgment Ability: Use of discretion and logical reasoning in a clear and consistent manner whilst considering/evaluating of information/circumstantial evidence in order to draw sound conclusions, form an opinion and make a good decision
• Relationship- and Alliance Building Skills/ Social Intelligence: Ability to skillfully use interpersonal- and networking skills in order to develop a sound relationship/alliance and cooperate with key stakeholders inside/ outside the organisation and maintain such a relationship over time towards the achievement of objectives. Navigating complex social and political situations effectively
• Corporate Governance: Ability to correctly apply internal control measures and framework of processes/policies and legislation in a transparent way in order to responsibly govern the organisation and ensure good accountability towards Management, Customers, Shareholders, Government and the Community
• Risk Management: Ability to proactively identify risk areas/threats, to analyse such exposure to risk, to determine how to best handle it and to implement appropriate course of action to control/minimise risk
• Anticipation and Intuition: Ability to anticipate the unexpected by relying on personal experience/ pattern recognition and by trusting the strongly developed inner sense, intuition, hunch, or gut feeling in order to guide decisions by what the person feels is right.
• Time Management: To effectively plan/schedule, coordinate and execute own program and work in accordance with business priorities

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