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Sell your old coins and bank notes

At Gold Vault in George we buy almost all old coins & old SA bank notes (SA, INTERNATIONAL & ALL TOKENS) gold sovereigns, proof coins at the BEST prices Guaranteed.

We also buy all war medals & we pawn Gold & Silver (broken or not) & diamonds.

Visit us at 18 Hibernia Street, George. Or give us a call on 044 884 1474.


Old Coins
Tickey R3
6 Pence R6
Shilling R15
2 Shilling R15
2.5 Shilling R30
5 Shilling R60 – R100

Tickey(1931) R20000
6 Pence(1931) R500
Shilling (1931) R500
2 Shilling (1931) R500
2.5 Shilling (1931) R1000
5 Shilling (1959) R1000
Silver AFR R1 (1965) R4000
ENG Proof 50c (1965) R4000
Silver R1 (1966-69) R60

Kruger Coins
Tickey R20
6 Pence R30
Shilling R50
2 Shilling R70
2.5 Shilling R80
5 Shilling R800

                                             Gold Coins
1893 1/2 Pound R10000
1892 S/S Pound R10000
Pound R3000
1/2 Pound R1500
Full Oz R13000
Half Oz R6500
Quarter Oz R3250
1/10th Oz R1300

Value of coins may change, just confirm at Gold Vault

At Gold Vault in George we buy almost all old coins & old SA bank notes! Come and see what we can offer you.

Here are a few interesting facts about gold coins and old bank notes:

1. Most old coins and their value factors are in direct correlation with their grade or condition. A coin grade is perhaps the top determining factor for its value. Circulated pieces, in poorer physical shape due to considerable use wear, are valued much less compared to non-circulated ones.

2. Coin’s rarity is another determining factor of its value. Generally, there are two types of coin rarities, namely, mintage and grade. Mintage rarities are determined by the actual quantities in which certain coins were produced. The lower the mintage, the higher the ratio of old coins and their value. Grade rarity, on the other hand, is a very volatile concept and is assessed only within a certain time frame and is based on numismatic market grade market demands.

3. Demand is a true driving force for old coins and their value determination. Research a number of online auctions to see what your types of lots are selling for and whether there is a true demand for them. Sometimes it pays to wait and try looking up your coins’ value some other time in hopes that they might eventually increase in price.

4. Interestingly, a coin’s age is not a value determining factor. There have been instances when old German gold coins or old British coins were sold for the mere market price of gold due to abundance of similar pieces on the market.

Gold Vault George 1

5.Banknotes with character: the rare Grand Watermelon

One of the rarest and most sought-after pieces of American paper money, the Grand Watermelon $1,000 banknote from the 1890s sold at auction in 2018 for a record-breaking $2.04 million. Only seven such notes are known to exist, three in private collections. Despite its playful name – which refers to the design of the zeros on the note – the Grand Watermelon has become a world famous icon of American finance history.

6.The world’s smallest: the 10-bani noteGold Vault George

Romania’s 10-bani coin is one of the currencies that features an eagle, this time wearing a crown. But back in 1917, the 10-bani note that was produced as part of a war series by the country’s Ministry of Finance is the smallest banknote ever to be produced in the world. Measuring a miniature 44 mm by 33 mm, the green banknote featured King Ferdinand I on the front and the coat of arms of Romania on the back. Underneath the coat of arms was printed text threatening counterfeiters with five to 10 years in prison.

7.What happens to old bank notes?

Notes are usually destroyed because they are of poor quality, or because they are no longer legal tender. They are pulped, compressed into bricks and sent to an official government incinerator where they are burned alongside any illegal tobacco that has been seized by HM Revenue & Customs

What is the world’s oldest currency?

The British pound is the world’s oldest currency still in use – it’s 1,200 years old. Dating back to Anglo-Saxon times, the pound has gone through many changes before evolving into the currency we recognise today.

Gold Vault in George – We buy, sell and pawn gold, silver, Diamonds, Medals, Fine Watches & Old Coins and we give the Best Prices Guaranteed on Kruger Rands. We Also sell bulk Silver Bullion in different sizes.

Are you looking to sell used jewellery or other precious metals? Listed below are just some of the items that we have bought from our satisfied customers:

  • Old rings, old engagement mountings
  • Dental gold
  • Platinum jewellery, palladium jewellery
  • Loose diamondsGold Silver Pawn Shop George
  • Swiss watches, like Rolex watches
  • Pendants, charms and clusters
  • Chain and bangle bracelets
  • Foreign gold and silver coins, Krugerrands
  • Old gold watch bands, cases, buckles
  • American gold coins
  • Any type of tangled, bent or broken gold or platinum jewellery

We buy it all, and we pay you CASH FAST!

Where is our Company located?

Gold Vault Pawn Shop is located in GEORGE, WESTERN CAPE PROVINCE, SOUTH AFRICA. We are a national company, servicing customers in all 9 provinces. If you can get to a S.A Post Office or have RAM Couriers, we will be able to help you get paid for your items. Our offices are open to the public from Mondays to Fridays from 08:00am until 17:00pm and Saturdays until 12:00pm.

How long has the company been in business?

The principal owner of our company has been in the business for most of his life. The original business was started in 2000, and GOLD VAULT is a successful off shoot of this business.

What kind of gold jewellery do we buy?

We pay cash for all types of gold jewellery. We do not buy Rolled Gold Plate or Gold Filled Jewellery. But we buy all types of jewellery, broken, worn, unworn, that is stamped 9CT, 14CT, 18CT, 22CT and 24CT. We also buy sterling silver jewelry marked 925, 950 or 999 fine silver. We buy broken earings, bracelets, chains, pendants, diamond jewelry, school rings, anklets, old ring mountings and much more.

Do we buy platinum jewellery?

Yes, we buy platinum jewellery. Most platinum jewellery is marked with the letters ‘PLAT’ or PL 900 or PL 950.

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