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Selling Old Coins In South Africa

Looking to sell your old coins in South Africa? There are a few options available to you, depending on what type of coins you have and how much you are looking to sell them for. If you have rare or valuable coins, you may want to consider selling them to a specialized dealer or collector. Otherwise, you can try selling your coins through an online auction site or classifieds site.

Insidegistblog is a site where you can exchange old South African coins for cash. South African coins that have been aged or lost are known as “old or rare” because they have fair price tags. The value of a coin can rise over time. As a result, a coin with a value ranging from R995 to R15 million is considered to be worth more or less than R995. In exchange for a coin, Standard Bank and Absa charge a fee of 6.75 percent of its total value. Some banks, such as Wells Fargo, do not charge you any fees. Coins from South Africa can be sold for cash.

There may be a time when the market is right for you to sell and a price that you can afford is appropriate. A fine beard was discovered in the Burgers Pond area of Kansas City, Missouri. Another item worth preserving is an ancient South African coin that can be converted for cash. Before the gold ran out, only 986 pieces of this coin were printed. Depending on the quality, it currently costs between R300,000 and R700,000.

How do banks take old coins from South Africa? As of today, all banks and businesses have been authorized to accept the 5c coins as legal tender. Mathebula advised the business that they should accept coins in denominations of at least $0.50.

Selling your 2008 Mandela R5 coin online would be the best option for you. Some of the best sites include BidorBuy, Gumtree, and Facebook Marketplace. Another way to find interested buyers is to search for local coin shows on Google. 4 others agree with Sabelo Sokhela.

Your local coin shop is the most convenient place to sell your old coins. Low- to mid-range old coins, such as Wheat cents, Buffalo nickels, junk silver, and scarce silver coins and silver dollars, would benefit from a good sale. Check online reviews and feedback for coin stores in your area, then select a few to visit.

Circulation coins are not purchased by the South African Reserve Bank.

Which Bank In South Africa Buys Old Coins?


The SARB will start purchasing gold coins from the South African Mint Company (RF) (Pty) Ltd., at its premises in Polokwane, South Africa, beginning on July 20, 2022 until further notice.

The public is still able to exchange banknotes at two branches of the ABSA: the SARB in Pretoria central or both branches in addition to the SARB in Pretoria central. By exchanging old currency at the local bank, electronics purchasing can be more appealing. However, the majority of banks, on the other hand, only exchange worn notes on behalf of their customers. The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) will resume its limited purchase of legal tender gold coins for the general public at the head office between 08:30 and 12:00 on Monday, November 14. There are still old series banknotes that can be exchanged as of December 31. Bank transactions allow users to exchange their coins for cash at a time when they will most appreciate it. If a bank bill is becoming too old, it may be replaced by a new one. If you want to exchange notes in the United Kingdom, the simplest and quickest method is to deposit them into your bank account.

Where Can I Exchange Coins For Cash In South Africa?

Standard Bank and Absa will charge 2.5% if your coins exchange exceeds their value. Several banks, such as Wells Fargo, do not charge a fee for deposits. South African coins can be purchased with cash.

South Africa has only one currency: the rand. South African residents can exchange foreign coins. Depending on where you’re exchanging, you can expect a different exchange rate. It is critical to have the correct amount of money and the correct change. American currency can be exchanged at a variety of major banks. To receive currency, you can order it online, in person, at a branch location, or by phone. In the Eurozone, legal tender coins of 1 cent to 2 Euros are accepted at shops, though some countries only accept one or two coins at a time.

Euros are not accepted as legal tender in some states. In most cases, cash can be exchanged for foreign coins at banks and bureau de change. If you want to convert your coins into Euros, Dollars, or Pounds, you can use a Fourex coin machine. There is an old South African coin that has a fair price tag that is higher than what the coin is worth at its initial value. It is not difficult to do business with South Africa when it comes to foreign currency exchange. Many people prefer to do their currency exchange online or through a bank, a foreign exchange bureau, or a foreign exchange company. The bank has once again been named South Africa’s best foreign exchange provider for the sixth year in a row.

Outside of South Africa’s borders, you are permitted to bring up to R25 000 in foreign currency. FX Capital offers foreign exchange and other financial services. If you have a checking account with a bank, you should be able to cash your foreign currency at the bank. Before making any travel arrangements, travelers should be aware of their currency requirements. The average British person has approximately £49.56 (approximately $6.21) in spare foreign currency, with Euros and US Dollars the most commonly used currencies. To exchange currency or save money, you can do so from a foreign ATM.

How Do I Sell My Coins In South Africa?

In order to sell your coins in South Africa, you will need to find a reputable dealer who is willing to purchase them from you. There are a few different ways to find a dealer, such as through online directories or by word-of-mouth. Once you have found a potential buyer, you will need to agree on a price and then arrange for a time and place to meet so that the transaction can take place.

Is Selling Coins Legal In South Africa?

Please see Commemorative Coins below for a more detailed breakdown of these coins’ values and characteristics. Since 1961, all banknotes and coins issued by the South African Reserve Bank have been legal tender.

Where Can I Sell My Old Coins In Johannesburg

There are a few options for selling old coins in Johannesburg. One option is to sell them to a coin dealer. Another option is to sell them online through an auction site or a classifieds site. Finally, you could also try to sell them to a private collector.

Identifying what types of coins you have is the first step in determining what you have. Before you can determine the value of each coin, it is critical to first determine its condition (grade). Always keep an eye out for your coins. If a coin is scratched or nicked, it may lose tens of thousands or even hundreds of dollars. Greysheet prices are simply guidelines, and each area has its own set of prices. Keep in mind that the retail price for this coin will be the same as what a dealer would charge. You have completed the entire process by placing your coin in a clear protective case with the information and grade indicated on it.

Collectors frequently buy coins from coin shows in order to sell them. You can also get a feel for the price of things at a coin show. You have a number of options when you sell your coins online. Although eBay is a viable option for selling coins online, many sellers do not accept payments because of high fees. It is critical to sign coins for a major auction house in order to reach a global audience of coin collectors. Some online bullion dealers only deal with large orders and will not accept smaller orders under $1,000. If you have a valuable, popular, or rare coin, you may want to speak with an auction house specializing in rare coins.

If you have a highly valued coin, it may make sense to have it graded and authenticated. The market value of a NGC/PCGS graded rare coin can be determined by looking at Heritage Auctions’ most recent auction results. Until 1964, 90% pure silver was used to make junk silver dimes, quarters, and half dollars. Investing in junk silver coins is a popular method of combining coin collecting and silver investing. Junk silver is typically purchased and sold in the form of face value, not weight. Five dimes in the year 1965 contained the same amount of silver as two quarters or one half dollar.

Where To Exchange Old South African Coins For Cash In Pretoria

There are a few places to exchange old South African coins for cash in Pretoria. One option is to go to a local bank and exchange the coins for cash. Another option is to go to a South African coin dealer and exchange the coins for cash.

Mandela coins are valuable in Pretoria and South Africa because they are rare and significant. There is nothing quite like selling Mandela coins in this part of the world, as one can always make use of various platforms to promote their sale. There is no cost to using the platform. You will be able to use its quick features as soon as you begin using them. Buyers will be able to visualize what they want to purchase in a visual manner. Bidorbuy is an online shopping site that allows anyone to sell items at fixed prices and in auctions. Customers can purchase items from anyone who sells them through the online marketplace Bidorbuy or via auctions. After you begin the bidding, you must set a specific price, and buyers will bid for them until the auction ends at the end of the specified period.

Most Wanted Old South African Coins For Cash

There are a few old South African coins that are worth quite a bit of cash. The most wanted ones are the 1937 “Dolphin” penny, the 1943 “Half Crown”, the 1952 “One Shilling”, and the 1961 “Half Penny”. All of these coins can fetch a pretty penny, especially if they are in pristine condition.

Coins from South Africa are worth a small amount of money today. In addition to the oldest and rarest coins, there are some of the most sought after old coins for cash. The most recent coins were issued in 2018, four years after they were first released. People who specialize in coin trading believe that a store of wealth exists for them. The most sought after South African coins are listed below. Some coins have a value of tens of millions of rands, while others are still reasonably priced in the hundreds of thousands. Coins are valuable because they are purchased to add to or complete a coin collection, so passionate coin collectors will pay whatever the price is for a coin.

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